Reciprocal and Guest Privileges

We are pleased to have you as a guest, and, as your hosts, we will do all we can to assure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. We know that each yacht club operates under different conditions, and each has its own set of rules, we have published the following information and rules for your guidance when arriving at Kaneohe Yacht Club


  • A call to the Port Captain is required before arriving by vessel.

  • Reciprocal yachtsmen may only visit during open Club Office and Bar hours unless they are docked at KYC and approved by the Port Captain.

  • Whether you are arriving by vessel or vehicle during normal working hours, you should check-in at the Club office and present your yacht club membership card.

  • If coming by vehicle, please park on the "mauka" (mountain) side of the street across from the club. Parking on club property is reserved for members only.

  • When mooring your vessel at KYC, registration must be filed at the office and approval must be granted by the Port Captain, a daily mooring fee is required. A gate card will be issued that provides access to the club, a deposit will be required.


If you would like reciprocal rights at certain yacht clubs, the Front Office can draft up a letter of introduction/reciprocity for you. Please inform the KYC office when you are planning to arrive at the said yacht club, how long you will be there and who you will be going with. Contact the Front Office for more details.


Guests accompanying KYC members are welcome to enjoy the premises and facilities of the Club and shall be governed by all Club rules. Members must check-in their guests by signing them in at the Front Office. Guests must park on the street if arriving by vehicle. Each guest is allowed a maximum of six times per quarter.

Are you planning on visiting us soon and have some questions? Contact us and someone will reach out to you.


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