Junior Racing at Kaneohe Yacht Club

The Club offers a world class sailing program open to the public.

Jesse Andrews

KYC Junior Sailing Director 

Classes range from beginners to advanced racer levels. Classes are taught by experienced instructors with U.S. Sailing Certification, Red Cross, CPR and First Aid training. Many of our students have gone on to be World Class and Olympic sailors.

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I grew up sailing in Connecticut where I experienced a high level of sailing competition and achieved multiple national sailing championships in Blue Jays, International 420's and Vanguard 15's. After competing in Australia in my fourth 420 world championship, I moved to Hawaii, transferring from University of Rhode Island to the University of Hawaii. Under coach Andy Johnson I was able to make the All American sailing team my last three years of college. 

In the spring of 1998, I became sailing director at KYC. Since then I have been coaching at UH during their sailing season and running the KYC sailing program full time in the summer and part time in the off season. We have produced many All American Sailors at UH and won both the Co-ed and Women's national championship in the last ten years. At KYC we have also had many successful sailors come through our program to go on to be national champions and even professional sailors. 

During the current year at KYC, we have expanded our fleet from 12 El Toros and 6 Toppers in 1998 to 18 El Toros, 16 Toppers, two Lasers, nine 420's, six Fj's, and a 29er. We have also built a junior sailing clubhouse and a large floating launch ramp. I continue to enjoy teaching the junior sailors here at KYC and racing sailboats. Every year I try to attend the El Toro Friday night races, the Bullship event, El Toro State Championships as well as all the major keelboat events including Summer Circuit, Lipton Cup, Melges State Championship and inter-island races. 

I am very proud to be part of Kaneohe Yacht Club's successful Junior Sailing Program and look forward to the years ahead.

Kaila Baker

KYC Junior Commodore 

Hi! I’m Kaila Baker, the 2017 Junior Commodore. I’m sixteen years old and I’ve been actively participating in the Jr. Sailing program here for 6 years.

For 2017 I envision a year full of fun sailing for Juniors interested in both competitive sailing and cruising. For Juniors riveted in racing, I hope to organize a group of not only Juniors but also adults, to participate in the 2017 El Toro North Americans, which will be held this summer in Alameda, CA. This would be the second time a group from Hawaii is organized to attend this event. The last time was in 2015 at Santa Cruz Yacht Club and many other Juniors enjoyed the experience.

As for the cruising aspect of the Junior Sailing Program, I anticipate a year of more sailing around the bay such as Coconut Island, the Sandbar and the ski dock by the marine Base. It is important to not only be supportive of those pursuing racing but also support those who enjoy cruising. I’m excited for what else this year has in store for our Junior Sailing Program.

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