Kaneohe Yacht Club

Cal 20 Fleet

Andrew Meade
Cal 20 Fleet Captain

KYC's Cal 20 fleet is the most established and largest one design fleet in Hawaii and is often thought to be the most competitive. The fleet currently consists of 19 boats at this time with 12 to 13 Cal 20s actively racing. All but two are dry moored on dolleys. Skippers and crew range in age from "old timers" in their eighties to teens and preteens. Members of the fleet include Olympians and national champions.

Most boats are sailed with two crew but it is common to see boats with three crew on board. Most boats sail with mixed crew of females and males and the fleet has two regular female skippers.

If you want to race in a well established and exciting fleet, join the Cal 20 fleet.....


Cal 20 Pictures

2017  - Lipton II
2017 States - 2017 States
9/10/2017  -  Classboat K
8/21/2017  -  Classboat J
7/9/2017  -  Classboat H
5/6/2017  -  Classboat F


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