Thursday Night Bulkhead Races

A Special Event at Kaneohe Yacht Club

Kaneohe Yacht Club proudly hosts the weekly Thursday Night Bulkhead race. Throughout most of the year, this race starts at 6:00 on Thursday evenings and tries to finish before sunset.  This is a fun club race for all comers.  You don't need to be a serious sailor to enjoy this race.  In addition to their regular crews, these sailboats are filled with delighted passengers.  Even the spectators on shore enjoy this race.  The boats all start with their sterns tied to the bulkhead and then they push off at their designated time.  Often, the racers will hoist their spinnakers a few feet away from the dock to the cheers of the spectators.  This is a "Pursuit Race" which means the slowest boats start first and then the fast boats try to race pass them before the finish line.  On the water, there is a lot of ribbing, joking and shouting between boats. The only rules in this race is you must follow the course and everybody must keep it safe.   The race course meanders around reefs and buoys in Kaneohe Bay and changes every week to keep things interesting.  The race finishes at the end of the E Pier to the cheers and applause of spectators.  For all their efforts, the winning boats get their name on a chalkboard and are awarded treasured drink tickets.


New members and old are encouraged to show up before the Thursday Night race and watch all this fun from the safety of shore.  After you get your courage up, track down one of the race organizers and they will be happy to help find you a ride on one of the boats. For more information contact Bill Riddle.


Listed here are replays from some of the Thursday Night Bulkhead races:

7/20/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (8 Boats recorded)
7/13/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (4 boats recorded)
7/6/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (8 boats recorded)
6/29/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (1 boat recorded)
6/22/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (4 boats recorded)
6/15/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (7 boats recorded)
6/8/2017 RaceQs - Bulkhead Race replay (2 boats recorded)

If you would like to be included in these replays take a look at RaceQs fact sheet for information on how to put a GPS tracker on your sailboat.



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